About Stenholmen

Stenholmen Icelandichorse-center are a major educationplace and breeder of icelandichorses in Sweden.

Short History:

Family Ljungqvist founded buisness with icelandichorses in late 1980´s. Starting with a few breedingmares and trading ridinghorses imported from Iceland.

Our first stallion we bought were Hrammur fra Akureyri. Ever since we have had stallions ( 1- 4 ) stationed at our farm each summer. The number of foals born at the farm increased. Now there are almost 180 horses named from Stenholmen.

In 1990´s we managed a big training and breeding centre outside Gothenburg, at the westcoast of Sweden. Our stallion Funi fra Skala won silver medal T1 at Worlchampionship 1993. We also started to have our horses judged in breedingshows. Today ( 2013 ) there are eleven (11) Stenholmen horses reached in to first class, so far.

In 2003 we moved our family and 100 horses. We bought the farm Gerstorps säteri out side Linköping.

In 2007 we started an EU-approved AI-centre at Gerstorp. Ever since we have exported semen to several countries each summer.

Stenholmen stallionservice have served over 1200 mares during the period 1988 until today.

The last couple of years many of the very best stallions have been our guest at Stenholmen.

Stallions such as: Askur, Mökkur, Isar, Kraftur, Hvinur, Garri and Prins and many more.